o solutie radicala – divort californian

postat de dracu in 2012-03-07 12:14

oameni suntem cu totii, ne mai certam, ne mai suparam, mai divortam, ne mai luam gatzii si asa mai departe.

da se pare ca un nene american a fost foarte determinat de a incheia relatiile cu prietena, fara a fi obligat sa mai plateasca si pensie alimentara .
asa ca a mierlit-o pe cumatra. CU TUNUL!!!

va dati seama ca omu a fost extrem de hotarat sa termine cu gagica-sa, daca s-a apucat sa-si construiasca un tun special pentru treaba asta.
cine stie de cate ori l-o fi batut la cap ca toata ziua umbla cu golanii la baut, ca de ea n-are grija, ca e insensibil la problemele ei sufletesti, ca-l doare in cur de copil si altele treburi de genu asta la care femeile sunt experte (nu va faceti griji, dorm de vreo 6 ani pe canapea).

faza misto e nu doar ca omul a fost determinat sa isi castige libertatea, da mai e si un sniper de mare calibru… in incapere era gagica-sa, copilul si inca vreo 3 adulti. iar el, tragand cu un tun fabricat in balcon, probabil (unde isi tin gospodarii sculele), a reusit s-o matraseasca doar pe cumatra, ceilalti scapand fara nici o zgarietura!!!
skill domle.

p.s. cat de ingrozitoare tre sa fie fost muierea, de a juns omu la concluzia ca ar fi mai distractiv in parnaie decat cu ea???

p.p.s. cititi comentariile articolului

cateva dintre ele:
* A cannon!!! what happened with good old way of strangling your wife🙂
* Wasn’t something handy available than a full sized cannon?
* Here honey, hold up this target. Perfect. Say good-bye
* People are starting to get real creative nowadays
* dayumn…. a good ol’ fashioned gun is not good enough anymore…..crazy HIPPIE #$%$
* I do not think claiming self defense will work with this one.
* She was canonized….
* She was fat so it’s not a crime. If your wife gets fat its OK to kill her.
* How did he know which room she was in ?
* My wife recently bought a wood chipper and a backhoe….should I be scared?
* Oh man! Now they’re gonna outlaw our cannons!!!!
* I guess that was cheaper than getting a divorce.
* could happen to anyone. cut the guy some slack, I’m sure he feels terrible about the whole thing.
* Oh, hell! Who hasn’t had their homemade cannon accident or two?
* I heard that she left her heart in Mexico
* He wanted to take another shot at fixing their relationship
* Lighten up, people. Who hasn’t given it a thought at one time or other?

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