mail catre HR Dept (human remains department)

postat de dracu in 2008-11-12 16:12

Asa arata un mail corporatist trimis de dracu catre iubitii (iubii-i-as….) colegi de la Human Remains.

J / V,
Please ensure that the Phone List (P:PHONE LIST) is updated at least on weekly bases.

Whenever I need some names, phone numbers and e-mails, I can’t find them.

p.s. Can you please believe me when I’m telling you (I don’t know how many times I said) that, for the moment we don’t operate anymore XXX vessel? for few months, already.

So PLEASE, remove XXX Vessel from the contact list, as well those associated with XXX (Icsulescu, for example).
No, I’m not joking, we really don’t operate XXX Vessel anymore.

No really, we don’t.

HSE Advisor – XXX Project

Citeste mai mult: Arhiva insemnari Noiembrie 2008 >> Dracu – INTERZIS MINORILOR!!!


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