cerut de barbat, partea a 2-a

postat de dracu in 2008-08-14 18:16

presimt ca o sa aiba destul de multe parti cererea asta in casatorie

dupa cum va spuneam aici, o tanti, bogata mostenitoare a 50mil pounds m-o cerut de barbat. si-mi ofera 40% din imparatie.

deci ieri i-am cerut poza, ca am zis ca ar fi normal sa stiu si io daca nevasta-mea e alba, neagra, chinezoaica sau martianca (io personal as prefera chinezoaica).

ete ce-mi raspunse cumatra:
“Dear Friend,
I am very happy to hear back from you and to know of your interest of claiming for this fund for me. Please let me know if my money will be save in your account after when the bank transfers the money to you as I wouldn’t want anything to happen to my money after when the bank transfer the money to you, as soon as you confirm to me that my money will be save in your account, I am going to send you my pictures and tell you more on how you are to claim this fund for me.

I will be waiting to hear from you,

With Love
Grace Sarah Smith”

sa facem analiza pe text:
* ca orice englezoiaca, e analfabeta. si habar n-are englezeste (ma tot miram io de ce pana corbului nu pricep ce vorbesc astia. d-aia).
cand zise “money will be save” probabil ca mintea ei tuciurie voia sa spuna “money will be SAFE”. da ma rog, detalii
* mno, deci n-are incredere in mine cat sa-mi trimita poza. are numa sa-mi trimita 50 meleoane..

ok, ii scriu deseara (de pe calc de acasa) ca poa sa aiba toata increderea ca n-o jefuiesc pe viitoarea nevasta-mea.

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