Be brave, my sons!!!

postat de dracu in 2008-07-07 16:44

iaca cu ce ma ocup io acu, si ce instructiuni tre sa le dau amaratilor de pe barca:

“Special Threats:
If a person on the Vessel is acting suspiciously, make a routine identity check.
Armed Hi-jack
If the captors are from outside the Vessel and are intent on their purpose, comply with their instructions. Make no provocative attempts to overpower them. Try to maintain a communication link with Onshore Organisations via Office and other Vessels. Concentrate on the physical / mental exhaustion of the captors.
If the captors are from Vessel personnel, attempt to calm them and persuade them to surrender.”

in loc de toate alea, in mod normal ar fi trebuit sa scriu de fapt o singura fraza:

“Start praying, say your last wishes and smoke a cigarette.
Woman or alcohol are not available, so no sex or getting drunk.”

Citeste mai mult: Arhiva insemnari Iulie 2008 >> Dracu – INTERZIS MINORILOR!!!


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