nu-i chiar asa de rau sa fumezi :D

postat de dracu in 2008-02-13 11:43

ma plangeam io ca dobitocu de sef de la client ma tot freaca la icre. cu tot felu de cacaturi. si ii omoara pe baietii de pe teren cu hartogaraia, de nu mai vad aia soarele stand toata ziua in birou.

am iesit la o tigare, si m-am intalnit cu unii dintre greii de la client. care m-o intrebat “how is going”. din politete. numa ca io n-am bagat raspunsu clasic, ci i-am zis:

– not so good. I start looking for a new job.
– why?
– because it’s hard for me to understand how come people which have done a hell of the job for 2,3,4,5 years, suddenly became incompetent.

la care tipu a inceput sa raza, si-mi zice:
-aha, you have problems with XXX?
– aaaaahhhhhh.. better I don’t give any names. but what I found even funnier, is that not only my guys are incompetent, but your guys as well.
– really????
– yes, this seems to be the opinion of certain persons, that your field guys are as incompetent as mine’s.

n-o mai zis omu ni’ca.

da ii prevad un viitor scurt dobitocului de sef din partea clientului

deci daca trebe, pot sa bag si io un cutit in spate, ca nu-s Isus sau nici macar vre-un sfant. ma sapi, te sap.
mortii tai…

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