Mircea Satmareanu in deep shit? :)

postat de dracu in 2007-10-25 00:01

ia uite ce mail primii de la un nigerian, care cica se cheama Mircea Satmareanu

“How are you?,please this is a very private and confidential matter i will like you to tell no one about.I recently made a trip to Africa,Nigeria to be specific.I came on down here to visit a friend of mine but on getting here i misplaced my wallet,and personal documents in which i have my friends full address and telephone number.I also misplaced my atm card which means i have no money on me,I will really appreciate it if you can help me on this matter.
Presently i am lodging in an hotel in which the manager is troubling me so much,because i can no longer pay my bills.I will need some loan till i get back,about ,000us dollars.Can you please help i promise to pay you back as soon as i get back.If you do not have that much,not to worry just tell me how much you can help with.Hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

Please you can send whatever you can come up with immediately through Western union with the information below;
Name : Mircea Satmareanu
Address: 25 Peye Manuel street
City; Surulere
Please use this Text Question and Answer below;
Text Question : Purpose of funds?
Text Answer: Emergency
Please scan and send the Western union payment slip or you send me the below information;
AMOUNT SENT………………………
Mircea Satmareanu”

acu mi se pare cel putin dubios ca un parlamentar sa vorbeasca engleza (cred ca sub 10% din ei stiu sa lege 2 vorbe).

deci daca sunt suflete milostive, care vor sa-si rupa de la gura ca sa ajute un parlamentar aflat in cacat pana sub nas, be my guest.

io unu ma apuc sa fac valuri

p.s. partea intr-adevar curioasa e ca tziganu a trimis mail de pe adresa folosita pe bune de al nostru parlamentar. i-au manarit parola???

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