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dupa cum va spuneam, lumea e plina de cretini. de diverse nationalitati, rase, sexe.

Sanepidu isi gaseste in dobitocul asta un frate de suferinta.

The Wild West’s Attack on the East
by Natiq Muxtarli

The publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad in the Danish “Jyllands-Posten” newspaper deservedly was the reason for the Muslim world’s discontent. But it is incorrect to perceive this only as humiliation by one newspaper against the Prophet of Islam, Allah’s messenger. It is the component of a big attack, administered from one source. It is no coincidence that, while Muslims were peacefully objecting to the newspaper cartoons, successors of the swindler Christ explained that they and their colleagues were uniting to republish these cartoons. It may be said that the cartoons were seen all over the Christian world. A question should be asked: who has done anything to your colleagues that you decided to unite with them? Supposedly, your solidarity was linked to cartoons’ publishing. Heads of all European states dishonorably asked Muslims to respect freedom of speech. They didn’t even blame anyone for outraging the respected portrait of the Prophet Muhammad. America openly passed by this incident. A speaker from the White House stated that there were no such cartoons published in the USA, but if they were published, the White House would not object. It was an open call for newspapers to insult the Prophet Muhammad. Hence, all these were components of the plan were mapped out beforehand. It is an attack of savage Christians against Muslims. It can also be called a second Crusade.

It is not a secret that nowadays sensible people increasingly are coming to Islam. Europe and America cannot deny this. In fact, mighty Allah saw that the swindler Jesus, the son of the prostitute Mary, was not able to lead people to wisdom. He sent his last messenger to the Earth and by this he showed that the only way of achieving this wisdom is through Islam. But a number of psychopathic heads of states in the Christian world were from time to time under the influence of that god. They conducted military and nonmilitary struggles against Islam. The foundation of the attack that began today was laid when American troops entered Afghanistan. This attack started when bombing and outraging of Islamic holy places in Iraq occurred. Those who were not able to be husbands to their spouses saw the sin in Islam. What was Prophet Muhammad’s sin when women from Bush’s, Chirac’s and Blair’s countries come into ecstasy when they see Muslim men? Maybe this war broke out when British Princess Diana lay in the bed of a Muslim man. They couldn’t come to terms with the princess’s betrayal. They saw the sin in Islam. And that is the reason why they killed both of them in a terrorist act. Those who cause terror on a governmental level blame Islam for terror. It is proper to discover Princess Diana’s betrayal not in Islam, but in the character of the prostitute Mary. Anyway, those who pray to Jesus crucify him today. The most merciless Muslim couldn’t invent a more irrational torture than crucifixion. Those who supposed themselves to be civil were engaging in such brutal acts periodically. One can expect any brutality from those who crucify their prophets. Don’t doubt that they are savages inside. I saw that Englishmen are savages after watching their movies. I always doubted that these madmen could be civilized when I saw what they have done to local population of America, Scotland and Ireland. This was the madness of the English that made the Irish become terrorists. Even now, when the national anthem of England is played at a football match, the Scottish simultaneously whistle. Nations forget nothing. This madness will never disappear. Today also, one can witness the brutality of Jesus’s successors. These fools act with condescension to our state and people. They export our oil, they mock us. They cannot show respect for a man. Because respect for a man is distant from Christianity. It can be found only in Islam. Foreigners’ wives living here with pleasure consort with our men. Their “men” hate us because each one’s wife has tasted at least 10-12 muslim men and has thus understood what a real man’s temperament is like.

Europe today is becoming rapidly brutalized. It is ordinary there now if a pupil takes a gun and shoots his classmates, teachers and parents. This is not the “clash of civilizations” mentioned by American scholar Samuel Huntington. It is the fight of the West with the civilized East. Today the West is rapidly advancing in years, but the East becomes younger. Old age will lead to impotence. And then, willingly or unwillingly, they will submit to the East. Yet there are Bush, Tony and Jacques with blood on their teeth who don’t understand this, or if they do understand, they do not accept it. They still keep fighting. Against Allah’s will. No matter how many times they brand us as terrorists, the foundation of faith moves rapidly toward Mohammed. This movement is for salvation, for returning to humanity. Sooner or later, the world will be totally converted to Islam, and will become beautiful and filled with light. It is impossible to possess this beauty and light by submitting to the prostitute Mary’s swindler son Jesus. Fools, you know perfectly that this beauty was sent to the universe in the form of Muhammad. You know this, but your characteristics of impotence and prostitution don’t allow you to admit this. But you will. Truth is with us. Allah is almighty!

PS: Christians who don’t agree with what is written here – let them accept this as an example of freedom of speech! Let them accept this as you accepted the outrage against the Prophet Muhammad.

Articolul a fost preluat de aici.

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